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Laser Skin Treatments Charlotte nc

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening. What you need to know


  • There are many devices on the market that are used for non-surgical skin tightening: Venus Freeze, Titan, Thermage, Ulthera, Accent etc. General idea is to heat deeper dermis tissue utilizing magnetic waves, Radiofrequency, infrared light or ultrasound without traumatizing skin epidermis. In turn, that deep heating, will stimulate new vascular growth, excite collagen producing cells, promote circulation, contract sluggish fibers of elastin and collagen.

  • Response will vary on the individual's skin ability to regenerate. Your response to the subtle inflammation caused by a devise will be your results. That is why skin in with a lot of environmental distress (sun damage, smoking) will not respond very well to such treatment.

  • There is a different pain level for each device. Many of them require prescription type oral pain management. Venus Freeze - is a NON PAINFUL procedure with no downtime. It is a very relaxing way to maintain your youth.

  • If you had done Thermage or other skin tightening procedures in the past and you responded well to them, but reluctant to repeat them due to pain, you can maintain you results with monthly or quarterly Venus Freeze treatments.

  • Patient with a lot of sagging ("turkey neck"), very thin skin, individuals over 70 year old are not very good candidate for a non invasive skin tightening.

  • Best candidates will be 30 - 60 year old individuals with a healthy lifestyle.

  • Maintenance will be always required after non invasive procedures, since they reverse the aging clock, but they don't stop them.

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